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Historical Archive Index 1891-1905

Jan 1891Volunteer Notes 1891 — The Search for a New Range
May 1891The 31st Annual Volunteer Match at Collingham
Jun 1892The 32nd Annual Volunteer Match at Derby
Apr 1893Shooting Matches Held in 1893
May 1893Robin Hoods Match at Melton Mowbray
Jun 1893Where are the Robin Hoods Shooting?
Jul 1893The 33rd Annual Volunteer Match at Grantham
Sep 1893Shooting Match at Radcliffe-on-Trent
Dec 1893New Range Petition to Town Council
Dec 1893Retirement of Surgeon Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Wright, Robin Hood Rifles
Dec 1893The Town Council Debates the Petition from the Robin Hood Rifles
Jan 1894Deputation to see the Secretary of State for War about a new range for the Robin Hoods
May 1894Town Council Special Committee Report on the new range at Trent
May 1894The Council Debate on the Question of the New Rifle Range
Jun 1894The 34th Annual Prize Meeting
Jul 1895Local Government Enquiry into the Council's expenditure on the new Trent Range
Jun 1895Reports from June/July 1895 and the 35th Annual Prize Meeting
Nov 1895The Opening of Trent Range for the Robin Hood Rifles
Nov 1895The New Range at Trent in Words and Sketches
Nov 1895The First Matches at Trent and the NCO's Annual Dinner
May 1896The 36th Annual Prize Meeting
Jun 1898The 38th Annual Volunteer Match
May 1899The 39th Annual Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting - Day 1
May 1899The 39th Annual Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting - Day 2
Jun 1900The 40th Annual Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting
Jun 1900Other Matches held in 1900 at Trent Range - Mason and English Twenty
Jun 1900Civilian Rifle Clubs in 1900 and the Provision of State Assistance
Jun 1900Robin Hoods beat Northants, Third Mason Competition, and English Twenty Club jewels
Oct 1900Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Handicap Competitions at Trent Range
Dec 1900The Opening of the First Miniature Rifle Range at Farnham
Mar 1901The First Annual Meeting of the Notts. Civilian Rifle Club
May 1901The Build Up To The 1901 Bisley Meeting
May-Aug 1901Civilian & Volunteer Shooting in 1901 including the Forty First Annual Match
Feb 1902Annual Meeting and Prize Giving of Notts. Civilian R.C.
Mar 1902Mr. Waldorf Astor's Donation to the National Rifle Association
Mar 1902Robin Hood Rifles Matches March to May 1902
May 1902Bisley and the Coronation 1902
May 1902The 42nd Annual Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting
Jun 1902Robin Hood Rifles Battalion Aggregate Prizes and Selection of Bisley Team
Jun 1902Notts. Civilian Rifle Club shoots for NRA Bronze Badge
Jul 1902Bisley Meeting - The Humphrey & Halford Cups
Jul 1902Bisley Meeting - The King's Prize
Jul 1902Bisley Meeting - The McKinnon Cup and Local Prizewinners
Aug 1902Robin Hood Rifles Matches August to October 1902
Apr 1903Robin Hood Rifles at Trent Range in 1903
Jun 1903Civilian Shooting in 1903
Sep 1903Cyclists Section Challenge Cup
Apr 1904The 1904 shooting season starts
Jun 1904Shooting reports for June 1904
Jul 1904The First Astor County Challenge Cup Final
Jul 1904Local Matches and Bisley Meeting July 1904
Aug 1904Shooting Reports for August 1904
Sep 1904The Closing Matches for 1904
Nov 1904The Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs
Jan 1905Robin Hood Rifles and Shooting at Trent in 1905
Feb 1905Miniature Rifle Shooting in the Midlands 1905
May 1905Civilian Shooting Reports 1905
Oct 1905Midland vs Southern Counties Indoor Meeting 1905