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Fullbore Target Rifle Shooting

Fullbore shooting is an outdoor sport which mainly takes place during the summer months from April to September and at ranges from 300 to 1000 yards. The Nottinghamshire Rifle Association brings together members from our affiliated clubs to shoot in local competitions as individuals and teams and to represent the County. Some fullbore shooting is organised at club level.

The Fullbore County team competes against other counties at the National Rifle Association ranges at Bisley in Surrey. Individuals also take part in the main National competition, the Bisley Imperial Meeting in July.

Several clubs include members interested in shooting with Vintage Arms and we organise an annual competition between these clubs called the Gresham Shield Match

Full Bore Rifle at 900yd
Fullbore Rifle at 900 yards at Bisley

County Fullbore Teams

Bisley Imperial Meetings

Other Fullbore Matches