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The shooting calendar includes events of interest to Nottinghamshire Rifle Association affiliated clubs. All other meetings and competitions are included on the websites of the NRA, NSRA and MLAGB to which we have provided links here.

2024 Notts RA Shooting Calendar


Mar 23-24WedgnockMLAGB Spring Open Meeting (BP)
Apr 13BisleyIbis Open Meeting (TR)
Apr 14Bisley3 Counties Cobweb Buster (TR)
Apr 21BisleyPurples Match (TR)
Apr 27-28BisleyRobin Hood Rifle Enfield Match 200/500yds (BP)
MayPostalNotts RA SB Summer Leagues begin (TR GR)
May 23-26BisleyPhoenix Meeting (BP CSR GR TR)
May 25-27BisleyEnglish XX Meeting (TR)
May 27EpperstoneNotts RA Volunteer Cup (BP)
Jun 8-9BisleyNRA 40th Inter-Counties & R. Jarvis (TR)
Jun 9StaveleyMercia Match for county teams (SB TR)
Jun 15-16Thorpe CloudNotts RA open event for local clubs
Jun 16-18BisleyBritish 50m Championships (NSRA)
Jul 12-18BisleyImperial Meeting Match Rifle (MR)
Jul 13-14BisleyImperial Historic Arms Meeting (GR BP)
Jul 19-27Bisley155th Imperial Meeting Target Rifle (TR)
Aug 10-17BisleyNSRA National Championships (SB)
Aug 31
- Sep 1
BisleyNational Championship Muzzle Loading (BP)
SepPostalNotts RA SB Summer Leagues completion
Sep 10-12BisleyPSUK Open Championships (CSR GR TR TS)
NovPostalNotts RA SB Winter Leagues commence (TR GR)
Oct 19-20BisleyTrafalgar Meeting (BP CSR GR MR TR)


Calendar version 22/04/24

This Calendar has been prepared from information available at the time and whilst every care has been taken in its compilation we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies.

If any mistakes or omissions are noted, please send us feedback
via this email link.