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Providing support for smallbore, fullbore, and black powder shooting clubs in the county

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Historical Archive Index 1906-1914

Jan 1906Robin Hood Rifles in 1906
Feb 1906Miniature Rifle Shooting 1906
Feb 1906Miniature Rifle Clubs in 1906
Apr 1906Miscellaneous shooting news 1906
May 1906Civilian Fullbore Shooting 1906
Jan 1907Robin Hood Rifles Jan-Jun 1907
Feb 1907Local Shooting News Feb-Mar 1907
Apr 1907Formation of Notts. County Association of Miniature Rifle Clubs
Apr 1907Local Shooting News Apr-May 1907
Jun 1907Local Shooting News Jun-Aug 1907
Jun 1907The County Astor Trophy Competition 1907
Jun 1907Robin Hood Rifles Bisley Meeting 1907
Jul 1907Revolution in the Art of Shooting
Jul 1907The Robin Hood Rifles' Collection of Relics
Jul 1907Robin Hood Rifles Jul-Dec 1907
Sep 1907Major J. Ashworth, V.D.
Sep 1907Local Shooting News Sep-Dec 1907
Feb 1908Nottingham Miniature Rifle League
Feb 1908Notts. Civilian and Miniature Rifle Association
Feb 1908Miniature Rifle Clubs News
Apr 1908Miniature Rifle Club Competitions
Apr 1908Nottinghamshire Rifle Association, AGM and 48th Annual Prize Meeting
Apr 1908Col. Cantrell-Hubbersty resigns his command of the Robin Hood Rifles
Apr 1908Portland Cup Competition 1908
May 1908English XX and Notts. Civilian RC at Trent 1908
Jun 1908The Robin Hood Rifles at Trent Range 1908
Jun 1908The Astor Cup Competition 1908
Nov 1908Controversial speech by Robin Hood's Commanding Officer at NCO's Annual Dinner
Jan 1909Miniature Rifle Shooting in January to March 1909
Jan 1909Robin Hoods have a Rough Start to 1909
Feb 1909Robin Hoods Rise to Recruitment Challenge
Mar 1909The Shadow of War and a Headquarters Inspection
Apr 1909The Robin Hood Rifles Jubilee Celebrations
Apr 1909Miniature Rifle Shooting in April to June 1909
May 1909The 1909 Portland Cup Competition
Jul 1909Miniature Rifle Shooting in July to September 1909
Jul 1909The 1909 Bisley Imperial Meeting
Sep 1909The 49th Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Prize Meeting
Sep 1909RHR Payne LR Competition & Seely Challenge Shield
Oct 1909Miniature Rifle Shooting in October to December 1909
Dec 1909Rifle Shooting clubs in Nottinghamshire in 1909
Dec 1909The RHR Annual Prize Giving for 1909