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Bisley Imperial Meeting News 2019

Nottinghamshire County & Other Teams

Match Rifle

Victory in the Elcho match between England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland was secured by the England team. Two Nottinghamshire shooters contributed to their success: Mr RWS Whitby as Adjutant and Mr SJ Whitby as one of the coaches.

Members of the Hopton Supper Club under the captaincy of Mr SJ Whitby, following his father in this capacity, managed a fifth consecutive victory in the F W Jones Match. The team of four included Mr HMS Mott and Mrs FK Day from Nottinghamshire.

Mr RWS Whitby was selected for the England team in the Five Nations Match between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Normandy.

In the Match Rifle Pairs competition, second place was taken by Mr SJ Whitby and Mr RWS Whitby and Mrs FK Day partnered by Mr AMW Cargill Thompson made fourth place.

Details of the Elcho, Jones and other matches

Target Rifle

The Nottinghamshire County team entered the County Short Senior and County Long Matches and this year performed exceptionally at short range but not at long, a complete reversal of last year's results. The team was placed second at short range and sixteenth at long, making their combined placing in the Victor Ludorum ninth.

Mr RSF Shouler was invited to shoot in the England team in the America Match. The team were victorious and Mr Shouler was the top scorer over the four ranges (300, 600 ,900 and 1000 yards) with 298.43v (ex 300.60v).

In the corresponding Under 25 America Match, the winning English team included Mr TJ Bullock. The team from Wales was captained by Mr RW Ramage. The Welsh team came second.

Mr RSF Shouler was also in the winning England team for the Mackinnon.

Mr TJ Bullock was in the England team for the Under 25 Home Countries Invitation Match and that for the Astor Tankard U25 Match. The England team won both competitions.

Other team matches which included Nottinghamshire shooters were The Belgian and The Opening Shot.

The Kennedy's and the Shouler's competed in The Families.

Full details of the team scores for all the above matches.


Individual competitions

Match Rifle

Seven Nottinghamshire shooters took part in the Match Rifle competitions. Mr HMS Mott achieved 4th place in the Cottesloe with a score of 100.9v (ex 100.10v) and 7th in the Edge with 196.19v (ex 200.40v). Mr WRD Mott was awarded a Bronze Medal for finishing 3rd in the Whitehead MR with 148.16v (ex 150.30v).

The leading Nottinghamshire score in the Hopton Aggregate was made by Mr WRD Mott who was 25th overall.

Mr SJ Whitby and Mr RP Rosling entered the Maxwell Aggregate which combines the MR Hopton Aggregate and the TR Grand Aggregate and made 10th and 25th place respectively.

Details of individual MR scores compiled from the NRA prize lists.

Target Rifle

According to the NRA's Facebook page, which is worth a trawl through, target rifle marksmen at this year's 150th Imperial Meeting faced a wide range of weather conditions. The first three days from July 18th to 20th were grey days with drizzle and light winds producing high scores and numerous tie shoots. The cool wet conditions reduced visibility so far on the first day as to cause shooting to be suspended for a time and the last detail did not finish until 8pm. Then the drizzle was replaced by heavy showers with gusty winds to be followed by rising temperatures and fickle winds. The 23rd and 24th were very hot and finished with a dramatic overnight thunderstorm. The 25th was even hotter with a reported temperature of 28C at 10am rising later on to 38C during the team matches specially arranged to celebrate the 150th Meeting. A further night of lightening brought the heatwave to an end and the finals day was warm but with some dark threatening clouds.

Fourteen Nottinghamshire shooters competed in the Grand Aggregate shot at distances from 300 to 1,000 yards. The winning score was 740 (ex 755). The highest Nottinghamshire competitor was Mr RSF Shouler in 41st place with 730.88v, closely followed by Mr SJ Whitby at 63rd with 727.80v.

The two major competitions in the Grand Aggregate are the St Georges Vase and the Queen's Prize which are shot on a knockout basis in three stages. The top 300 in the 1st stage shoot in the 2nd and the top 100 in the 2nd shoot in the final at long range. Mr RSF Shouler, Mr TJ Bullock and Mr SD Shouler shot in the St Georges final making 11th, 20th and 65th place respectively. Mr M Rewston shot in the Queen's Prize final coming 86th with 290.32v. The winner of the Queen's Prize was Mr GCD Barnett with a score of 299.47v (ex 300.60v).

In the prize lists for the individual competitions Mr RSF Shouler, Mr JRJ Kennedy, Mr JT Kennedy and Mrs LE Haley all achieved a place in the top ten on one or more occasion.

The details of Nottinghamshire TR shooters' scores extracted from the NRA prize lists.

The full prize listings on the National Rifle Association website.

National Rifle Association Facebook page.


Nottinghamshire RA Competitions Shot Concurrently at the Imperial Meeting

During the course of the Imperial Meeting a number of Nottinghamshire RA trophies were awarded on the basis of scores in various individual competitions. The detailed results can be found on the following links:–

Notts. County FB Championship

Case Cup

Loverseed Johnson Cups

Pearse Cup

Perry Cup

Newark Cup for Club Pairs


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