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Matches Held in Summer 2018

Our Thorpe Cloud Match, held on Sunday 17 June, proved to be very popular. It took the form of a 'Falling Balloons' match shot standing (or kneeling) from 200yds. Each target board had 3 balloons attached to the centre and the first team of 3 shooters to burst 2 of the 3 balloons won that particular heat. This was a real challenge and was hotly contested. Our congratulations go to the winning team (pictured below) comprising: Andy McBain, Frank Page and Malcolm Palk. They certainly displayed an ability to shoot quickly and accurately. A fine performance indeed.

Balloon shoot winners
Winning team of the Falling Balloons match

The First Aid for Shooters Course, held in June, was outstanding and, as a result, four of our members are newly qualified first aiders. We have a bespoke shooters first aid kit which is on hand at all our events. Hopefully it will never have to be used!

Our Epperstone practice days are progressing well and we hope to renew our sharing arrangement with a partner rifle club in 2019. We look forward to more planned events later this year at Epperstone, Sprotbrough and two Bisley visits.

We are recruiting new members and it's pleasing to see a range of recruits from all sorts of backgrounds, many of whom are new to shooting black powder arms. We are playing a full part in the activities of Notts Rifle Association and believe we are on the verge of a renaissance in muzzle loading shooting in the County. Our policy of offering a full range of support to anyone keen to learn about our activities is paying off and interest in Enfield practice is rapidly growing.

We are about to launch a range of Robin Hood Rifles (RHR) branded clothing which is seen as a very positive move forward in terms of further establishing our Branch in the Midlands shooting scene.

As ever, if you'd like to learn more about our activities, or challenge us to a competition, please contact our Chairman, Michael Hunting, at


This report has also appeared in the MLAGB quarterly magazine "Black Powder" and we are grateful to the author for permission to include it here.


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