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Matches Held in Autumn 2018

Since the last report the RHR has been involved with two major events, both with Enfields.


The Great Northern Match was held at Sprotbrough on 29th September. In the morning we shot the prone match with the best 10/13 to count at 100yds. The Notts Team boys and girl won with a total score of 414 and the Yorks boys scored 356.

RHR Great Northern Match Winners
The Robin Hood Rifles Team

The top three individual scores were:–
Andy McBain (Notts) 92, Bill Parnham (Notts) 90 & Tony Fuller (Shooting for the Yorks boys) 88.

RHR Snap Competition Winners
McBain, Hunting & Scott



In the afternoon we shot at reactive targets standing at 50yds. Teams of 3 competed against one another in a knockout format. The first target was a board with 3 balloons attached. Once the team had burst these they switched fire onto a Figure 11 target which, when hit dead centre, fell back thus signalling the end of that particular heat. The winning team (pictured right) comprised Andy McBain, Michael Hunting and Robin Scott.

The winning team were each presented with an exclusive Robin Hood Rifles baseball cap in gunpowder black with a jaunty RHR motif. Imagine, if you will, their excitement!


On the 20/21 October a number of RHR boys participated in the national Trafalgar Match at Bisley. We all cracked on with Enfields and had good success as follows:–

Winner of 100yds prone (Service Rifle): Andy McBain
Winner of 200yds prone (Service Rifle): Bill Parnham
Winner of 200yds standing (Any Percussion Rifle):   Michael Hunting

The Trafalgar was very well organised by the NRA and this, coupled with outstanding weather and excellent markers, made for a most enjoyable weekend.

Other News

We are playing a pivotal role in the Notts Rifle Association initiative aimed at improving shooting County wide. We continue to recruit new members and look forward to a full shooting calendar in 2019.

We are always interested in shoulder to shoulder Enfield matches with other branches and clubs, so, if you'd like to take us on, please get in touch with our Chairman, Michael Hunting, at


This report has also appeared in the MLAGB quarterly magazine "Black Powder" and we are grateful to the author for permission to include it here with the pictures of the RHR competitors at The Great Northern Shoot.


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