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Lightweight Sport Rifle, Bench Rest & Pistol Competitions Winter 2023-24

Each round was a competition between all the shooters in the division with points given from 1 for the lowest score, then 2, 3, etc. depending on the number of shooters in the division. Ties in points were settled by aggregate scores.

The following are the winners in their respective disciplines & divisions:–

A ReevesMansfield202:Div 1, LWSR Standing Unsupported
M GableLangar202:Div 2, LWSR Standing Unsupported
J DaveyRobin Hood GC301:Underlever CF (Open Sights)
A ReevesMansfield302:Underlever CF (Optical Sights)
J CrossRobin Hood GC402:Div 1, Benchrest LWSR Semi Auto
A BoltonONs402:Div 2, Benchrest LWSR Semi Auto
D WardRobin Hood GC403:Div 1, Benchrest LWSR Single Shot Rifle
P HawkinsMansfield403:Div 2, Benchrest LWSR Single Shot Rifle
N AllottMansfield501:Long Barrelled Pistol CF (Any Sights)
I AllsopRobin Hood GC503:Long Barrelled Pistol RF (Any Sights)
D TownsendRobin Hood GC505:Muzzle Loading Pistol
M FrancisLangar506:10m Air Pistol
C KerRobin Hood GC601:Sporting Air Rifle (Any Sights)


A full breakdown of the scores can be found here.


If you would like to take part in future LWSR/Gallery league competitions, or would like more information about them, please email our Secretary, via this email link. We welcome entries from any Notts. RA affiliated club.


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