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East Bridgford Rifle Club

We are a Home Office Approved Club with a membership interested in a wide range of shooting disciplines and accordingly hire various range locations to accommodate members requirements. We shoot black powder (BP) (muzzle loading) rifles and pistols, vintage service rifles, gallery/sports rifles, air pistols and rifles, small bore (SB) (.22in calibre) rifles and full bore (FB) (7.62mm calibre) rifles, and also shotguns. Shooting takes place at Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire with BP and FB rifle, Castle range in Nottingham (SB and BP pistol), Bisley ranges (FB), and Weston, Newark (shotgun).

The club meets on a regular basis at Castle range for SB rifle on Friday evenings for SB, air guns, gallery rifle and BP pistols. We arrange two weekend shoots each year at the National Shooting Centre at Bisley in Surrey and several days at Thorpe Cloud in Derbyshire. Shotgun shooting at Weston usually takes place on Sunday mornings.

We have qualified instructors and free safety and shooting training in all disciplines. We can provide MoD required Safe Shooting Certificates. The club takes part in various competitions throughout the year at all locations mentioned above.

Enquiries about joining the club should be addressed to our Secretary by email through the Notts RA using the link below.

The above information has been provided by the Club's Secretary
Last revision 10/5/17


Contact East Bridgford RC via Notts RA by email.

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