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The 27th Annual Prize Meeting 1887

In 1887 the Annual Prize match arranged by the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association was apparently shot separately from the other Volunteer matches previously reported and Nottingham was having a heat wave. The format had changed to seven shots at each of three ranges with the results determined only on the aggregate scores. The winner of the rifle match received the National Rifle Association bronze medal and an entry to the Prince of Wales's Prize at the Wimbledon national meeting. The South Notts. Yeomanry Cavalry held their annual match alongside the riflemen; but only at 200 and 500 yards. They shared a part of the £30 prize money provided.

There is no indication of the total number of entrants as only those wining money prizes are listed.


The 27th prize meeting of this association took place at the Town Butts on Wednesday, when the bronze medal of the National Rifle Association and £30 divided into 20 prlzes for Martini-Henry rifles and eight for carbines were competed for, the conditions being as in part one of the first stage of the Queen's Prize, 1887, viz., seven shots each at 200, 500, and 600 yards, and for carbines seven shots each at 200 and 500 yards. The weather was intensely hot, but in other respects fairly favourable for shooting.

The bronze medal was won by Lance-Corporal E. Simpson, of the 2nd Notts. Rifle Volunteers, with the score of 91 points, and he is now entitled to shoot for the Prince of Wales's Prize at Wimbledon in July. The competition was under the management of Surgeon-Major J. O'C. Hynes, the honorary secretary, who made the necessary arrangements, and to whom the thanks of the members are due. The following are the highest scores in order of merit:—

200.500.600.  Tl.  £s.d.
Lance-Corporal E. Simpson, 2nd Notts343126912100
Private H.W. Davis,R.H.R.28323090226
Staff-Sergt. W. Jerram R.H.R.29313090226
Private W. Miller, R.H.R.27322988189
Sergeant H. Davis, R.H.R.31282988189
Private J. Leavesley, R.H.R.25352888189
Surgeon-Major J. O'C. Hynes, R.H.R.33302588189
Private M. Freestone, R.H.R.31263087150
Sergeant E. Dracott, R.H.R.31272987150
Corporal T. Vickers R.H.R.32302587150
Private E. Wilson, R.H.R.28302886100
Sergeant J. Ashworth, R.H.R.29292886100
Surgn-Major T. Wright, R.H.R.30322486100
Capt. H. Mellish, 2nd Notts.29292785100
Private A. Sibert R.H.R.30322385100
Prvt. A.J. Rushton, 2ndNotts.282729840150
Sergeant St.Leo Smith, R.H.R.313023840150
Private T. G. Sewell. R.H.R.29252983076
Sergeant T. Loach, R.H.R.27312583076
Lieut T.L.K. Edge, 2nd Notts.30282583076
Sergt. W. H. Aldam R.H.R.30282583076
Corpl. H. Clayton, 2nd Notts.30282583076
Sergeant F. Warsop, R.H.R.28332283076


200.500.  Tl.  £s.d.
Sergt. E. Morris, S.N.Y.C.313061150
Reg.-Sgt-Major Adams, S.N.Y.C.312859100
Sergeant W.H. Slater, S.N.Y.C.2928570150
Corporal H. Truman, S.N.Y.C.2627530100
Corporal H. Allcock, S.N.Y.C.232952084
Reg.-Sgt.-Mjr. Burnaby, S.N.Y.C.262652084
Sgt.-Major G. Bayley, S.N.Y.C.292352084
Trooper R. Whaley, S.N.Y.C.163147050

Transcript from Nottinghamshire Guardian Friday 17/06/1887
British Library Newspaper Archive