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Robin Hood Rifles Wimbledon Team Selection

The Robin Hood Rifles Regimental Orders for 5th March 1885 gave details of the arrival of Martini-Henry Rifles for the Corps, the arrangements for the monthly challenge prizes, and the competitions for selection to shoot for the Regiment at the National Rifle Association Meeting at Wimbledon in July

The selection process involved shooting the usual three ranges of 200, 500 and 600 yards, with no sighters allowed and seven to count on three days specified, April 29th and May 6th and 7th. Entries opened on April 20th and closed on the 25th. The entrance fee was 7s.6d. and the total would be shared out between the 30 selected shooters. Selection was in order of merit based on the aggregate score for the three shoots. Ties were settled by the 600 yard aggregate scores, then by the 500 yard aggregates, and finally by a sudden death shoot off at 600 yards if required.

The Nottingham Evening Post, Friday, March 6, 1885.


Headquarters, Nottingham Castle,
5th March 1885

By Lieut.-Colonel SEELY, M.P. Commanding.

No.1. — With reference to Regimental Orders of 25th Feb, (No.2.),the following copy of Memorandum, dated Horse Guards, 24th February, 1885, is published for information and guidance:–
"The issue of the Martini-Henry Rifle to Volunteer Corps will not this year alter the Regulations for Class Firing."

No.2. — the following officers have passed the Examination on Tactics, held in January last:–
Lieutenant A.W. Brewill
Lieutenant W.G. Middleton
Lieutenant C.H. Seely


No.3. — The Commanding Officer has sanctioned the following arrangements, viz.:– That there be six battalion challenge prizes for the year 1885, which will be in kind, and will be competed for on Wednesday, April 29th, Wednesday May 27th, Wednesday June 24th, Monday July 27th, Wednesday August 26th, Wednesday September 30th.

Conditions same as Queen's Prize, 1885, viz. 200, 500, and 600 yards, seven rounds at each. Entrance fee one shilling, to be divided into prizes of five shillings each. The winner for the month to be excluded from taking a prize in the sweepstakes. The extra marker required will be paid out of the entrance money.

The highest scorer in each of the six monthly competitions will shoot off for the Battalion Challenge Prizes by firing seven rounds at 200, 500, and 600 yards on a day to be named by the Honorary Secretary of the Shooting Committee. Should, however, any competitor be the highest scorer twice (or more times) in the monthly contests, the remaining prize (or prizes) will be awarded to the competitor (or competitors) making the highest aggregate score in four of the six times shooting, he (or they) not being the highest scorer in one of the monthly contests. The prizes will be chosen in order of merit.

Members shooting for the Martini-Henry Club Competition only must purchase their ammunition.


No.4. — The competitors {sic.} to decide who will represent the regiment in the above at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association at Wimbledon, in July next, will take place as follows:–
Wednesday, April 29th
Wednesday, May 6th
Thursday, May 7th.

The Regiment is entitled to send three men per company to compete for these prizes, and it has been decided to pay the entrance fees for that number.

CONDITIONS. — The competition to be decided by three times shooting at the ranges 200, 500 and 600 yards, seven rounds at each. Wimbledon position, 1885; no sighting shots. The thirty highest aggregate scorers of the three days' shooting to be selected. Minimum pull of trigger 6lbs. Each competitor must have passed out of his second class during the current year. Ties to be decided by the highest aggregate scores of the three days' shooting at 600 yards; if still a tie, by the same at 500 yards; if still a tie, by firing a single shot at 600 yards until decided. There will be an entrance fee of seven shillings and sixpence, the total amount of which shall be equally divided among those members only who go to Wimbledon, to be paid to them at the R.H.R. Officers' Tent in the members' camp of the N.R.A., at the time they receive their shooting tickets. A board on which competitors must enter their names will be placed in the Committee-room at the Central Armoury, Castle-gate, on Monday, April 20th, to be removed on Saturday, April 25th, at eleven o'clock p.m., after which no names can be added.. There will be no squadding, so that competitors may fire at the hours most convenient for themselves. Any member selected to represent the Regiment at Wimbledon for these prizes being unable to go there to compete, and omitting to give notice to Headquarters on or before June 8th, shall pay the amount of his entrance fees.

It has also been decided that the team entrance fees for the Belgian Cup and Mullen's Prize, shall be paid out of the Prize Fund, the amount, or amounts, to be returned in case of winning.

By Order, A.B. WALLIS, Major, Adjutant R.H.R.

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The results published on May 13th listed 39 entrants of which the top 30 were eligible to shoot at Wimbledon for the Regiment in the Queen's Prize and the St, George's Challenge Vase. The cut-off for selection was at 230 ex 315. Unfortunately the report does not include details of the weather conditions on the three days of shooting.

The Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday, May 13, 1885.


The annual competition for the selection of the representatives of the regiment at the forthcoming meeting of the National Rifle Association at Wimbledon took place at the Town Butts on April 29th and May 6th and 7th. The contests were decided by firing seven shots at 200, 500 and 600 yards. It will be seen that Sergeant H Davis, of C company, heads the list with the splendid aggregate of 277 points. The first 30 are the successful competitors, and are entitled to compete for the Queen's and St. George's prizes at Wimbledon.

The following are the scores:–

NameDayDayDay   Total
Sergeant H Davis 92 94 91 277
Corporal T Loach 90 87 96 273
Sergeant E Dracott 89 97 87 273
Sergeant W Comery 91 87 88 266
Private WP Groves 89 97 78 264
Corporal J Ashworth 83 90 89 262
Staff-Sergt W Jerram 87 91 84 262
Sergeant R Derrick 86 94 81 261
Private E Wilson 89 82 88 259
Sergt W H Aldam 85 88 85 258
Private W H Davis 85 86 86 257
Corporal W J Inger 76 93 87 256
Private P Bentley 82 85 88 255
Private W Ashby 84 82 88 254
Corporal A Poole 73 88 92 253
Private W Miller 74 86 90 250
Corporal J Bamford 83 88 76 247
Corporal J Roe 88 86 73 247
Private J Leavesley 74 80 92 246
Private F Wise 79 86 77 242
Private A Sibert 82 82 77241
Surgeon-Major T Wright 74 82 84 240
Private C Lafont 78 82 79 239
Sergeant J W Jeffries 78 80 80 238
Private T C Moore 78 79 80 237
Sergeant F Warsop 73 80 83 236
Lance-Corporal W Kerry 78 80 77 235
Surgeon J O'C Hynes 71 78 85 234
Private J B Herod 74 77 81 232
Private M Butler 85 75 70 230
Private R Brown 74 80 76 230
Private W B Caunt 73 78 76 227
Private D Huthwayte 72 85 69 226
Sergeant T Ashford 58 79 87 224
Private A W Stevenson 77 67 79 223
Sergeant A J Moore 65 82 74 221
Corporal G Priestley 72 63 84 219
Private J Bowes 67 83 62 212
Sergeant H W Gough 62 62 62 186
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Transcripts from the Nottingham Evening Post 6 March 1885 and 13 May 1885
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