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The 1875 County Rifle Association Annual Match

Three reports are on this page, two being the weekly Regimental Orders issued by the Robin Hood Rifles, which give some background information, and one on the shooting on the first day of the two day meeting.

The Regimental Orders for June 12th, 1975, cover a variety of matters.

First were the parades and drills for the coming week. Tuesday evening there was a Battalion Parade at Bulwell Forest for which the railway was used to move everyone to the parade ground. A second parade was intended for Friday, June 25th, at the Battalion Head Quarters at Nottingham Castle. On the Monday and Wednesday evenings there was rifle training.

The second order covered record keeping, and the third order was about resignations from the corps and the recovery of equipment from those leaving.

Order four brings us to the more interesting stuff as it gives permission for Long Range Shooting on the Town Butts at 900 and 1000 yards. The situation of the Town Butts is described elsewhere. Suffice to say that these two firing points straddled the road running up the east side of the range, putting the road well inside the danger area. This and other matters would lead to the eventual closure of the Town Butts on safety grounds in 1890.

The Butts were in frequent use during the week, as seen with the programme in order no. 5. This reveals that the County Rifle Association Meeting was to take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, June 22nd and 23rd.

The orders conclude with the details of the volunteers selected to shoot in the Belgian Challenge Cup for volley firing at 400 yards with a note of the four days on which they could use the range for practice firing.


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The Nottingham & Midland Counties Daily Express,
Thursday, 17th June 1875.


Head Quarters, Nottingham Castle, Monday, June 12th, 1875.
By Major Francis George Rawson
No. 1 – Parades and drills next week as follows:–
Tuesday June 22nd.
Battalion parade on Bulwell Forest in full dress uniform. To assemble at the Midland Station at 6.45 o'clock p.m.
Friday, June 25th.
Battalion parade in full dress uniform at Head Quarters. The first bugle to sound at 7.30 p.m. The band and pioneers to attend.
Monday and Wednesday.
Aiming and position drill at eight o'clock.

No. 2 – Drill attendance books of companies will shortly be required at Head Quarters for the adjutant's examination. The Colour-Sergeants are requested to be most particular in marking up attendances in the columns appropriated to "squad", "company", or "battalion" drills, as the case may be.

No. 3 – RESIGNATIONS – Representations have been frequently made that members resigning, or leaving town, do not, in all cases, give up their uniforms and other regimental property, even though specially applied to, to do so. Whilst the commanding officer would much rather the regulations on this subject were carried out voluntarily, still when members pay no attention to orders, to take no notice of applications, he would recommend captains of companies to enforce compliance with the following extract from the regulations of the volunteer force:-

Page 7 - Paragraph 7.
Any volunteer may, except when on actual military service, quit his corps on complying with the following conditions, namely:–
1 – Giving to the commanding officer of his corps fourteen days' notice in writing of his intention to quit the corps.
2 – Delivering up in good order, fair wear and tear only excepted, all arms, clothing, and appointments, being public property, or property of his corps issued to him.
3 – Paying all money due or becoming due by him under the rules of his corps, either before or at the time, or by reason of his quitting it, and thereupon he shall be struck out of the muster rolls of his corps by the commanding officer.

No. 4 – LONG RANGE SHOOTING. – Referring to the instructions laid down for the sergeant in charge of the Town Butts, the commanding officer relying on every precaution being taken to prevent accidents, authorises firing at the 900 and 1000 yards ranges up to the time of the Wimbledon meeting by members of the regiment selected to represent the corps at that meeting.

No. 5 – Class-firing, etc., next week as follows:–

Monday, June 21stButts closed
Tuesday, 22nd
Wednesday 23rd
}County Rifle
}Association Meeting
Thursday 24th
Friday 25th
Saturday 26th
}Class firing
}for any
Volley firing, 400 yards
No. 6 - The team selected to represent the regiment at Wimbledon in the competition for the above will be as follows:–
Surgeon WrightSgt. Carder
Qt-Mstr-Sgt. CucksonCpl. Lucas
Colr-Sgt. HodgsonCpl. Hollis
Sgt. DavisCpl. Templeman
Sgt. WarsopCpl. Draycott
Pte. ColesPte, Chambers
Captain of team Captain H.E. Hunt, No. 3 Company
The range will be placed at the disposal of Captain Hunt and the Belgian team for volley firing practice at 6.30 o'clock p.m., in the following days:–
Thursday, June 24thMonday, July 5th
Wednesday June 30thThursday, July 8th

No. 7 - With the concurrence of Captains Lambert and Dobson, the following appointments are made:–
No. 2247, Bugler Henry K Bennett to be field bugler with the rank of Sergeant.
No. 3451, Bugler John Allen to be second field bugler with the rank of Corporal.

(Signed) J. WHITE, Captain and Adjutant.

Our second report gives details of the scores achieved on the first day of the County Rifle Association Meeting.

The listings cover the three ranges fired, 300, 500 and 600 yards, and include only the top scoring shooters at each range, as can be deduced from the Aggregate Scores table below.

The winner with some consistent scoring was Corporal R Hollis of the 5th Company RHR. Corporal J Mayfield and Private J Connell began well at the first two distances; but came to grief at 600 yards and ended up in 4th and 5th place in the aggregates.


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Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express,
Wednesday, June 23rd, 1875.


The following are the scores realised yesterday at the Butts:–

200 yards
Cpl R Hollis, 5th RHR 32
Cpl W Cook, 6h do 31
Col-sgt Cumberland, 8th do 31
Pte J Connel, 2nd do 31
Pte T Vickers, 7th do 31
Cpl J Freeman, 4th do 31
Pte J White, 10th do 31
Sgt Warsop, 10th do 31
Pte R Lee, 8th Notts 30
Sgt J Binks, 7th do 30
Cpl J Mayfield, 10th RHR 30
Qtr-mstr Cuckson, 5th do 30
Pte W Mitchell, 8th Notts 30
Cpl R Coupe, 9th RHR 30
Pte H Clayton, 5th Notts 30
500 yards
Cpl Mayfield, 10th RHR 33
Cpl Templeman, 5th do 31
Pte TN Coles, 1st do 30
Pte J Connell, 2nd do 30
Sgt J Turnbull, 3rd Notts 29
Cpl M Pratt, 9th RHR 28
Cpl R Hollis, 5th do 27
Clr-Sgt W Brookhouse, 4th do 27
Sgt H Davis, 3rd do 27
Pte J Roe, 9th do 27
Clr-sgt J R Binks, 4th do 27
600 yards
Qtrmstr-sgt Cuckson, 9th RHR 28
Cpl W Baker. 2nd do 28
Colr-sgt W Brookhouse, 4th do 27
Cpl R Hollis, 5th do 26
Sgt E Cartwright, 7th do 23
Pte E Hooton, 8th do 23
Pte RT Higham, 3rd do 23
Sgt F Walkler, 7th do 22
Pte James Stagg, 9th do 22
Pte St Leo Smith, 4th do 22
Pte S Derrick, 6th do 22
 200yds 500yds 600 yds Tl
Cpl R Hollis, 5th RHR 32 27 26 85
Qr-mas-sgt Cuckson, 9th do 30 25 28 83
Col-sgt W Brookhouse, 4th do 28 27 27 82
Cpl J Mayfield, 10th do 30 33 19 82
Pte J Connell, 2nd do 31 30 18 79
Pte J M Stagg, 9th do 29 26 22 77
Sgt Warsop, 10th do 31 24 22 75
Pte J Roe, 9th do 25 27 20 72
Sgt G Carder, 9th do 28 24 20 72
Pte T N Coles, 1st do 26 30 16 72
Cpl W Baker, 2nd do 22 20 28 70
Pte S Derrick, 6th do 25 23 22 70
Sgt T Walker, 7th do 29 16 22 70
Sgt T Binks, 7th Notts 30 22 19 70

The Regimental Orders published on June 28th after the County Association Match included the list of riflemen who would represent the Robin Hood Rifles at the National Rifle Association Meeting at Wimbledon. They would be firing in the Queen's Prize and the St. George's Challenge Vase.

And we learn from the announcement about the Prince of Wales' Prize that Sergeant George Carder had won the National Rifle Association bronze medal on the second day of the County Rifle Association meeting and was thereby entitled to an entry to this competition.


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The Nottingham & Midland Counties Daily Express,
Tuesday, June 29, 1875.


Head Quarters, Nottingham Castle, Monday, June 28th, 1875
By Major Francis George Rawson

No. 1 - Parades and drills next week as follows:–
Tuesday, July 6th
Bulwell Forest in full dress uniform. To assemble at the Midland Station at 6.35 p.m.
Friday, July 9th
At Head Quarters in full dress uniform, at 7.30 p.m. The band and pioneers to attend.

No. 2 - COMPANY DRILLS - Pressing business engagements, illness, and other causes having prevented many of the old and zealous members of the corps from fulfilling the requirements hitherto, it is deemed desirable to have company drills (under the Adjutant) at Head Quarters, on Monday and Wednesday in each week until further notice, commencing on Monday next, July 5th. To assemble at 8 o'clock in plain clothes with rifle only.

No. 3 - Progress returns of class-firing showing the number of each company who have completed the Government requirements from Thursday, April 1st, to Saturday, June 26th, 1875.

No. of
No. 1 51 8
No. 2 49 11
No. 3 70 20
No. 4 70 10
No. 5 79 14
No. 6 63 9
No. 7 47 9
No. 8 52 6
No. 9 54 12
No. 10 40 12
Totals Class-firing, 575; Marksmen, 111.

No. 4 - The non-commissioned officers in charge of squads are particularly requested to refer either to the Musketry Returns of their company's books at the Butts, and urge upon all those who have not fired, the necessity of fulfilling the Government requirements before the Annual Official Inspection, viz.: – Thursday, 5th August.

No. 5 - NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION - The undermentioned members will represent the corps at Wimbledon, and compete for prizes as follows:–

Sgt G Carder Pte A Atkin
Surgeon T Wright Sgt G D Webster
Pte T Marshall Pte S Walker
Cpl W Cooke Cpl T Templeman
Sgt H Davis Cpl R Hollis
Pte J Chambers Pte S R Derrick
Pte St Leo Smith Cpl W Baker
Sgt A Moore Colr-Sgt W Brookhouse
Sgt T Hodgson Assistant-Srgn J O C Hynes
Cpl J B McLellan Cpl J Mayfield
Sgt F Warsop Cpl T Gilliver
Pte A Slim Pte R H Phillimore
Cpl T Freeman Cpl E Dracott
Cpl W Lucas 
Cpl W Cooke Pte R H Phillimore
Sgt T Hodgson Cpl R Hollis
Sgt F Warsop Cpl J B MCLellan
Cpl T Freeman Sgt G Carder
Cpl W Lucas Pte A Slim
Pte T Marshall Cpl T Templeman
Sgt A Moore Pte S R Derrick
Sgt H Davis Cpl E Dracott
Assistant-Srgn J O C Hynes Pte A Atkin

No. 6 - The winner of the bronze medal at the County Rifle Association last week (Sergeant George Carder) is authorised to compete for the above.

No. 7 - OFFICERS' COMPETITION. The third contest (1875) will be held on Thursday next, July 1st.

No. 8 - The following recommendation for promotion is hereby approved and confirmed.
Co. No. 1 (The Castle), or Captain Joseph Wright's Company.
No. 335. Corporal John J Black to be Sergeant, vice No. 8, Henry Redfern, who reverts to the ranks at his own request.
No. 464, Private Thomas N Coles to be Corporal, vice J. J. Black, promoted.

No. 9 - Class-firing next week as follows:–

Monday, July 5th 1 and 2
Tuesday, 6th 3 and 4
Wednesday, 7th 5 and 6
Thursday, 8th 7 and 8
Friday, 9th 9 and 10
Saturday, 10th 1 and 2

(signed) J. WHITE, Captain and Adjutant.

Transcripts above from The Nottingham & Midland Counties Daily Express
17, 23 and 29 June 1875
British Library Newspaper Archive

Since compiling the above reports for the 1875 (15th) annual volunteers' match, the following report covering both days shooting and a fuller account of the conditions and scores has been located.

According to the report, the entry for the meeting was the highest ever at 107, the nearest previous entry being 97. The weather was good for both days; but the first day saw more changeable wind.

The details of scores also includes details of prize money won following the scheme set out in the report.

There was a change from the earlier meetings in that ties were not shot off; but the prize money was divided up between those who tied. This would undoubtedly have saved much range time and allowed for the increased entries.


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Nottinghamshire Guardian, Friday, June 25, 1875


The 15th prize meeting of this Association commenced on Tuesday at the Nottingham Butts. Some idea may be formed of the magnitude of he meeting when it is stated that prizes of the value of £140 are to be competed for. It is very gratifying to find that the interest in the meeting is increasing every year, and that which commenced on Tuesday promises the most successful which has yet been held. The entries this year number 107, and in no previous year since the meeting started has the number of competitors reached higher than 97. The light yesterday was capital for firing; but the wind was changeable and somewhat impeded the shooting. In the competition at 200 yards 7 shots were allowed, and the prizes were 1 of £5, 1of £4, 1 of £3, 2 of £2, and 4 of £1. At the 500 yards range, 7 shots, the prizes were £5, £4, £3, 2 of £2, and $ of £1. and the same at the 600 yards range. For the aggregate shooting there were 1 prize of £5, 1 of £4, 2 of £3, 2 of £2, and 4 of £1. The following are the highest scores made on Tuesday, with the prizes divided according to the ties:–

200 yards
Corpl R Hollis, 5th RHR 32 £5
Corpl W Cook, 6th RHR 31 £2 each
Col-Sgt Cumberland, 8th RHR 31
Privt J Connell, 2nd RHR 31
Privt T Vickers, 7th RHR 31
Corpl T Freeman, 4th RHR 31
Privt J White, 10th RHR 31
Sergt Warsop, 10th RHR 31
Privt R Lee, 8th Notts 30 2s 10d each
Sergt J Bink, 7th Notts 30
Corpl J Mayfield, 10th RHR 30
Q-M Sergt Cuckson, 9th RHR 30
Privt W Mitchell, 6th Notts 30
Corpl R Coupe, 9th RHR 30
Privt H Clayton, 5th Notts 30
500 yards
Corpl Mayfield, 10th RHR 33 £5
Corpl Templeman, 5th RHR 31 £4
Privt T N Coles, 1st RHR 30 £2 10s each
Privt J Connell, 2nd RHR 30
Sergt J Turnbull, 3rd Notts 29 £1 10s each
Colonel N Pratt, 9th RHR 29
Corpl R Hollis, 5th RHR 27 12s each
Col-Sergt W Brookhouse, 4th RHR 27
Sergt H Davis, 3rd RHR 27
Privt J Roe, 9th RHR 27
Col-Sergt J E Binks, 4th Notts 27
600 yards
Qr Master Sergt Cuckson, 9th RHR 28 £4 10s each
Corpl W Baker, 2nd RHR 28
Col Sergt W Brookhouse, 4th RHR 27 £3
Corpl R Hollis, 5th RHR 26 £2
Sergt E Cartwright, 7th RHR 23 £1 6s 8d each
Prvt E Hooten, 8th RHR 23
Prvt RT Higham, 3rd RHR 23
Sergt F Warsop, 10th RHR 22 8s each
Sergt T Walker, 7th RHR 22
Prvt James Stagg, 9th RHR 22
Prvt St Leo Smith, 4th RHR 22
Prvt S Derrick, 6th RHR 22
Corpl R Hollis, 5th RHR32272685£5
Q-M Sergt Cuckson, 9th RHR30252883£4
Col Sergt W Brookhouse, 4th RHR28272782£3
Corpl J Mayfield, 10th RHR30331982£3
Privt J Conell, 2nd RHR31301879£2 each
Privt JM Stagg, 9th RHR29262277
Sergt Warsop, 10th RHR31222275
Privt J Roe, 9th RHR25272072£1 each
Sergt G Carder, 9th RHR28242072
Privt T N Coles, 1st RHR26301672
Corpl W Baker, 2nd RHR222028705s each
Privt S Derrick, 6th RHR25232270
Sergt T Walker, 7th RHR29192270
Sergt J Binks, 7th Notts30221870


Shooting was resumed on Wednesday at the Butts, under the most favourable auspices, as far as regards the weather. The light was all that could be desired, and several good scores were made. Perhaps the greatest interest was attached to the competition for the bronze medal of the National Rifle Association, along with £5. The medal was won by Sergeant Carder, with a total score of 81. The winner of this prize is entitled to compete for the Prince of Wales' Prize at the approaching meeting at Wimbledon. A good many ties were made, and instead of being shot off, as on former occasions, the money was divided. Subjoined is a list of the second and last day's competitions, with the names of the winners, and the amounts of their prizes:–

 200 yds500 yds600 ydsTtl
Sergt G Carder, 9th RHR27282681


 500yds600yds   Ttl
Col-Sergt Brookhouse, 4th RHR323355£5
Q-M Sergt Cuckson, 9th RHR262753£4
Sergt F Warsop, 10th RHR232952£3
Sergt G Carder, 9th RHR272451£2
Privt S Derrick, 6th RHR292251£2
Privt E Hooton, 3rd RHR302050£1 each
Corpl J Mince, 9th RHR232649
Capt J Wright, 1st RHR222022
Privt W H Baker, 2nd RHR301949

Last four scores quoted as printed

Sergt J H Lowe, SNYC35£2 10s each
Corpl J Smith, SR35
Sergt J Caddick, SNYC34£2
Corpl J Howard, SNYC30£1
Corpl J Moss, SNYC288s each
Corpl W Clements, SNYC28
Corpl ES Burnaby, SNYC28
Corpl H Slater, SNYC28
Privt J Bradley, SNYC28


 200yds600yds  Ttl
Sergt G Carder, 9th RHR293463£5
Privt T Mallett, 4th RHR313061£4
Col-Sergt J Cumberland, 8th RHR293058£3
Corpl R Coupe, 9th RHR312657£2 each
Corpl J Mayfield, 10th RHR312657
Privt J Roe, 9th RHR292756£1 each
Privt T Marshall, 8th RHR302656
Sergt T Toplis, 10th RHR322355
Capt T Lambert, 5th RHR2529546s 8d each
Corpl T Freeman, 4th RHR272754
Surgean T Wright (Staff)312354

Transcript above from The Nottinghamshire Guardian 25 June 1875
British Library Newspaper Archive

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