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The International Volunteer Match at Edinburgh

Corporal T. Mayfield, a silver medallist in the Queen's Prize of 1871, was selected for the English twenty team to shoot against Scottish and Irish teams at Edinburgh. The local paper reported his selection

Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express, Saturday, June 15th, 1872.


The annual rifle contest between the representative volunteers of England, Ireland, and Scotland, has been fixed this year to take place at Edinburgh on the 21st instant, and in the list of the English twenty, which has just been published, we observe the name of Corporal Mayfield, of the Robin Hood Rifles, who so honourably distinguished himself last year at Wimbledon by gaining the silver medal in the contest for the Queen's Prize.

The following is the list:–
Private J Baker, Bristol R.V.; Sergeant H. Bird, South Middlesex; Captain C. Bent, 1st Warwick; Private J.T. Board, 7th Somerset; Private W. Brookes, 1st A.B. Leicester; Captain F. Chapman, 12th North York; Corporal Cooper, 36th West York; Private A. Cortis, 1st Sussex; Lieutenant Eddison, Leeds; Lieutenant W, Hooper, Westminster; Lieutenant Humphrey (gold medallist), Cambridge University; Sergeant T. Kirk, 1st East York; Corporal T. Mayfield (silver medallist), Robin Hoods, Nottingham; Corporal Mullmine, 3rd Manchester; Captain Radcliffe, South Middlesex; Ensign G.J. Snelus, Solway Rifle Rangers; Ensign Tomlinson, Inns of Court; Captain C.B. Waller, St. George's; Private W. Whyatt, 13th Salop, Ellesmere; Corporal Young (S.M.), 1st Herts, Hertford.

An initial report of the match result appeared on June 22nd with a brief summary including the circumstances facing the last two to shoot for England. These were Corporal Mayfield, R.H.R., Nottingham, and Private W. Whyatt, 13th Salop, Ellesmere. At 600 yards in continuing rain they needed to score 6 points between them for a win over the Scottish team. Mayfield's first six shots had made 2 3 3 4 2 3 and Whyatt's 3 3 3 0 4 3. Both men held their nerves and scored bull's eyes, making 8 points and a win by a margin of three for the English team.

Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express, Saturday, June 22nd, 1872.


The competition for the International Challenge Trophy was concluded at Edinburgh yesterday in very unfavourable weather, the rain coming down heavily all day. In the 200 yards shooting Scotland beat England by 12 points, and in the 500 yards increased their lead to 35, but England lead them by forty points shooting at 600 yards, the aggregate scores being: England 1194, Scotland 1191, Ireland 1116. England thus won by three points. The conclusion was a very exciting one, the two last shots - Corporal Mayfield, R.H.R., and Private W. Whyatt, 13th Salop, having five points to get between them to tie Scotland. Each scored bull's eyes, thus getting eight. Whyatt has got the lead score with 69, and Corporal Mayfield second with 67; the lowest score was 46. As we have already announced Corporal Mayfield secured the third prize on Thursday. Altogether, his shooting was especially commended, and he has brilliantly upheld the prestige of the R.H.R.. The sixty competitors dined together at the Free Mason's Hall last night.

Four days later the Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express carried a full report of the match; but without the details of the weather and the tense final shots for the English win. However, the report did disclose that the match had been part of the Edinburgh and Mid-Lothian Rifle Meeting. Also that Whyatt and Mayfield had topped the days individual scores with 69 and 67 respectively. Third and fourth places were taken by the Irish team leaders, Lowry and Smyth, on 66 and 64, and the top Scot, Blair, made 62. Private Whyatt came away with both the £10 purses and the Challenge Cup.



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Nottingham and Midland Counties Daily Express, Wednesday, June 26th, 1872.


The contest between the English, Scotch, and Irish teams was the great feature in Friday's programme in connection with the Edinburgh and Mid-Lothian rifle competitions. The weather was not at all favourable for shooting. At the 500 yards range, the totals stood – Scotland 870, England 833, and Ireland 800; so that the Scotch stood 37 ahead of the English, and 70 ahead of their Irish rivals. At the 600 yards range, however, the Scotch team, contrary to all expectations, fell behind, and the English came rapidly to the front, scoring 361, being 40 above the Scotch score, and thus gaining a clear majority of three points. At the 600 yards range the Irish team scored 316 – only five less than the Scotch.

The winning score of the English was 1194, against 1105 last year; the Scotch 1191, as against 1090; and the Irish 1116, as against 1031. The largest individual score last year was 68, while Mr Whyatt, on the English side, topped the list with a score of 69. At the close of the match, loud cheers were raised for the victors. Cheers were then given for the Irish team; and, under a pelting rain, the assemblage dispersed.

COMPETITION No. XIX. The International Challenge Trophy, value £1000, to which is added the Challenge Cup, value £50, with £10 in money, given by the Gunmakers' Company of London, and a purse of £10 given by the National Rifle Association. To be competed for annually by English, Scotch, and Irish Volunteers. Twenty competitors on each side. The N.R.A. Purse shall be awarded to the competitor who makes the highest aggregate score, and the cup shall be held by him for the year. The Purse of £10, given by the Gunmakers' Company, shall be awarded to the best shot in the winning twenty. Distances – 200, 500 and 600 yards; seven shots at each distance. Rifles – three-groove long Snider of bona fide Government pattern, bearing Government viewer's mark. Ammunition – None but that issued from the Association magazine shall be used. The ammunition so issued shall in no way be tampered with. Position – 200 yards standing; 500 and 600 yards, any. Captains of the match: Scotland, the Master of Lovat; England, Captain Field, Hon. Artillery Company; Ireland, Lieutenant Knox, South Middlesex R.V. The trophy is at present held by Scotland.


The individual scores were then listed in full shot-by-shot detail.



 200 yds 500 yds 600 yds    Total
English 414 419 361 1,194
Scotch 426 444 321 1,191
Irish 423 377 316 1,116

In the evening the members of the English, Scotch, and Irish Twenties were entertained to dinner in the Freemasons' Hall, George-street. Lieutenant-Colonel Macgregor presided.

Transcript from the Nottinghamshire & Midland Counties
Daily Express 15, 22 & 26 June 1872
British Library Newspaper Archive

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