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The Eleventh Annual Prize Meeting 1871

The 20th and 21st of June were reserved for the Nottinghamshire Rifle Association Annual Prize Match for the volunteers at the Town Butts situated on what is now the recreation ground on Ransome Road. The range was closed on the Monday, June 19th, to make it ready for the match. A report on the match is yet to be found.

The date comes from the Regimental Orders which appeared in the Nottinghamshire Guardian on June 16th and are transcribed here. The Orders give an insight into the activities undertaken by the volunteers during a typical week. There were parades for the battalion on Tuesday and Thursday and a church parade at St Mary's on the Sunday. Evening instruction in drill was intended for Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


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Nottinghamshire Guardian, Friday, June 16th, 1871

Rifle Corps

HEAD QUARTERS. Nottingham Castle
Tuesday, June 13th, 1871.

By Lieut.–Colonel C. I. WRIGHT.

No. 1. — The following will be the order of Parades and Drills for the ensuing week:–
TUESDAY, JUNE 20th. – Battalion Parade in uniform, at 7.30 p.m. Officers in Black undress. The Band and Pioneers to attend, the latter in Light Marching Order.
THURSDAY, JUNE 22nd. – Battalion Parade in Scarlet undress on Bulwell Forest. To assemble at the Midland Railway Station at 6.40 p.m. The Bugle Band to attend.
MONDAY and WEDNESDAY, 19th and 21st. Adjutant's drills for practical instruction of Officers, as detailed in paragraph 3 of these orders, to assemble at 8 o'clock each evening. Dress optional.

No. 2 — In order to comply with the Reserve Forces Circular dated 1st November, 1870, the following Officers, viz:–
Captain H. Farmer, Lieut. M. W. Walker,
Lieut. J. T. Carter, Ensign G. Belk,
Lieut. S. H. Isaac, Ensign J. Hack,
Ensign F. W. Brooksbank,
have expressed a wish to join the Second Class for Theoretical Instruction, and having decided on Friday as the most convenient, they are requested to meet the Adjutant in the Orderly Room at 7.30 o'clock p.m. on that day every week until further orders, and the following copy of the certificate of proficiency is hereby published for their information and guidance:– "I certify that — is thoroughly conversant with the drill of a company in close and extended order, and able to give instruction in the same. That he is competent to instruct a Squad in Aiming and Position drill and blank firing, and to conduct its ball practice in accordance with regulations; that he can command a Guard and is acquainted with the mode of Marching Reliefs and Posting Sentries."

No. 3 — To enable the whole of the Officers preparing for examination to obtain a practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the subjects contained in the above certificate there will be company drill every Monday and Wednesday evening, at 8 o'clock until further orders, which every officer who purposes being examined is requested to attend. They will first be taught the duties of Captains, Guides, and Markers, and afterwards how to perform the duty of Instructor to a Company.

No. 4. — To facilitate the carrying out of the above, each company having one or more officers attending will make such arrangements as will ensure at least ten men being present at all the above drills.

No. 5. ‐ Those members who appear on parade with hair hanging over the collars of their tunics. are reminded that a continuance of the untidy taste cannot be permitted, as it destroys uniformity quite as much as shirt collars or watch chains.

No. 6. — The Regimental Chaplain has notified his intention to hold the first service at St Mary's Church, on Sunday, the 25th instant. Particulars as to time and place of assembly will appear next week.

No. 7. — The Town Butts will be closed on Monday next, 19th inst., to prepare for the annual meeting of the County Rifle Association on the two following days.

No. 8. — Class-firing next week as follows:–
Monday, June 19th Butts closed.
Tuesday,   "    20th { Annual Meeting of the
Wednesday " 21st { County Rifle Association.
Thursday    " 22nd Companies Nos. 1 and 2
Friday         " 23rd         "            "    3 and 4
Saturday      " 24th         "            "    5 and 6

MEMORANDUM. — A warrant for the payment of £1,589 10s. has been received from the Paymaster-General, the same being capitation allowances based on claims made December 1st. 1870, and March 31st, 1871. Each of the ten captains will at once receive £40 to meet current expenses.

(signed) J. WHITE, Captain and Adjutant.

Transcript from the Nottinghamshire Guardian 16 June 1871
British Library Newspaper Archive


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