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Advertisement for the Second Annual Volunteers Match

The Second Annual Volunteers Match was advertised on 6th June 1862 in the Nottinghamshire Guardian.

A follow up article on Friday, 1st August, gave fuller details of the various competitions going to be held the following week.

Nottinghamshire Rifle Association. — The second annual prize meeting of the association will be held at the Nottingham Butts, on Monday, August 4th, and following days, when prizes to the amount of at least £150 will be offered for competition. Full particulars of each prize, and the regulations for shooting will be shortly published. We understand that the Council are willing to accept any additional prizes which may be offered.



The second annual prize meeting of the County Association, which commences on Monday next at the Mapperley Butts, is exciting considerable interest in volunteer circles not only throughout the county – the principle corps of which will be well represented, but in other counties, some of which are sending their best shots to contend with the Robin Hoods, on our ground, for the All Comers Prize. Leicester, we believe, will show at the Butts in the person of Major Halford, who carried off more prizes at the late Wimbledon meeting than any of his competitors; while the grey uniform of Manchester will be recognised in Captain Heaton, who deservedly occupies a place in the front rank of the volunteer marksmen of England. The competition of undoubtedly first-class men such as these will be a crucial test of the claims of the Robin Hoods, who, we have little doubt, will come out of the ordeal with credit. The shooting will begin at 10 a.m. on Monday; and will be continued on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, the firing commencing on each of these days at 9 a.m.

The following is a list of the prizes for competition all open to volunteers of the county only, with the exception of No.9 which is for the Yeomanry; and No. 10 which is the All Comers prize.

1.Five shots at 200 yards. Three prizes of £5 each.
2.Five shots at 500 yards. Three prizes of £5 each.
3.Five shots at 600 yards. Four prizes of £5 each.
4.Five shots each at 200, 500 and 600 yards.
Prize, the bronze medal of the National Rifle Association
(which will entitle the winner to compete for the Prince of Wales' Prize at the meeting of the National Rifle Association in 1863) and £10 to be paid to the winner when about to proceed to Wimbledon.
Open to the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, and the ten next best shots, viz.: three at 1, three at 2 and four at 3.
5.File firing: five shots at 300 yards, open to five files from any company or independent sub-division in the county to be entered by the officer in command. Officers not excluded. First prize £10, second prize £5.
6.Volley firing: five shots at 400 yards. Conditions as 5. First prize £10, second prize £5.
7.Skirmishing: five shots between 200 and 400 yards. Conditions as 5. First prize £10. Second prize £5.
8.Five shots each at 200 and 600 yards. First prize a silver cup value £8, second prize £5, third prize £3.
9.Yeomanry: five shots each at 80 and 120 yards. First prize £10, second prize £5.
10.Association Prize: Five shots each at 200 and 500 yards. First prize £10, second prize £5.
11.All Comers: five shots each at 800 and 900 yards. First prize £15, second prize £5.
12.Extra Prize: seven shots each at 500, 600 and 800 yards. First prize an engraving value £10. 10s. presented by Garle Browne, Esq., second prize £5 added by the Association.

The targets and system of scoring will be the same as adopted at Wimbledon meeting in July. Positions, at 200 yards to be standing; at all other ranges, for Volunteer prizes, kneeling; for other prizes, optional.

Transcript from Nottinghamshire Guardian Friday 06/06/1862 p5
and ibid. Friday 01/08/1862 p3
British Library Newspaper Archive