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Coronavirus Updates

National Governing Body Updates as at 21st September 2020

The Muzzle Loaders Association's website has its last update for Sept. 11th, announcing that all major competitions at Wedgnock in Sept-Nov have been cancelled; but shooting activities continue with face coverings mandatory.
The full details are available on the MLAGB website.

The National Rifle Association announced on Sept. 11th that all NRA Club bookings at MoD ranges were paused and on Sept. 15th that they were in discussions with the MoD over the matter. No follow up news is so far published. There have been no changes to regulations for shooting at Bisley.
For more information visit the NRA website

The National Smallbore Rifle Association has reminded all clubs that they should have a written risk assessment with proposals for mitigating risk in alignment with Government guidance and the NSRA guidance that stems from it. They must also ensure members are fully advised on the conditions for shooting and that they are following those rules at all times. If written rules are not followed, then there could be consequences regarding insurance cover.
The NSRA COVID update and reminder can be read here

In view of the announcements today from Government health advisers and the COBRA meeting taking place tomorrow, Sept. 22nd, it is likely that the situation may well change. Please keep yourself up to date on developments.

Entries for our smallbore postal leagues were due to be in by Sept. 21st and received by the League Secretary by Sept. 26th. If you are intending to take part please send your club's entry in before the final date.

If you have any comments or observations on the above, please do get in touch with our Chairman via "". It is always good to hear from you.

National Governing Body Updates as at 5th August 2020

The Muzzle Loaders Association has published an August update with news of shotgun and pistol competitions but no musket or rifle events.
Link to MLAGB Aug Update.

The National Rifle Association published on 4th August Covid-Secure Competition Procedures for the MR, CSR and TR Individual Imperial Meetings and the F Class meeting. For dates of MR and TR Imperial Meetings see below under heading 20th July.
Link to NRA Aug Update.

The National Smallbore Rifle Association under its Covid-19 heading is still showing its 4th May Update which includes sources of funding available for clubs badly effected by the virus conditions. These are the Sport England Community Emergency Fund and the Dept. for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Grant Fund. The former is currently paused for new applications. The latter is available through local authorities for business property rate payers.

NSRA have announced the closure of the Lord Roberts Centre at Bisley for the foreseeable future. This does not include the NSRA Shop which remains open for business.
Link to Lord Roberts Centre announcement dated 25th July.

Indoor shooting clubs are recommended to read the NSRA Additional Guidance Regarding Range Ventilation dated 27th July in connection with opening ranges for shooting.
Link to NSRA Additional Guidance 27th July.

There are also other relevant news items on the NSRA main news page.
Link to NSRA general news page.

As always, if you have any comments or observations on the above, please do get in touch with our Chairman via "". It is always good to hear from you.

Published items as at 20th July 2020

Outdoor shooting was added to the permitted activities from 4th July and both the National Rifle Association and the English Twenty have published details of competitions to be held in August and September. Full details are on their respective websites.

The English Twenty Open Meeting is being held on 15th/16th August based on a modified Queen's 1, 2 and 3 format.

The English Twenty announcement.
Open entries are being taken at

The National Rifle Association has information on civilian shooting on MoD ranges, dates for long range practice in advance of the 151st Imperial Meeting for Match Rifle being held from 26th to 31st August, and dates for the Imperial Meeting Target Rifle competitions from 11th to 19th September.

The NRA News page on MoD range access. (Note: requires scroll down to item.)
NRA Long Range Practice Dates.
Imperial MR competitions.
Imperial TR competitions.

The National Smallbore Rifle Association has published guidance on commencing shooting on indoor ranges after 25th July.

NSRA Guidance Notes.

Once again, if you have any comments or ideas on these new items do get in touch with our Chairman via "". It is always good to hear from you.

Further developments - 30th June 2020

Since the AGM we have been given the official go ahead to start outdoor shooting again. This is great news for those who have access to outdoor ranges to get back out on the firing point if they wish. There are obviously lots of caveats with all the social distancing regulations. We are still waiting to hear on indoor ranges. When we are updated then we will update our website and teamapp.

It is also important to say that not everyone is so eager to get back to the 'new normal'. Just as much as some are jumping for joy at the idea of getting back out there, some are more hesitant. We must respect that. Shooting in Nottinghamshire has participants from under 8 to over 80 years old, in all shapes and sizes and, as sports go, we have a relatively higher number in 'higher risk' categories than most, for both covid19, and heart attacks and strokes. Many of us know of someone we lost at the range.

Social distancing is all well and good until you are the first aider having to respond to a cardiac arrest. I would encourage all those who wish to, to get out to the range, but please don't feel pressured, or put pressure on others who are still being cautions, to get out before you or they are ready.

Because of this we are not rushing to put competitions back on, as this could make some feel more pressured to return than they would like. At the next council meeting we will discuss our options on returning to competitions. Again, if you or your members have any thoughts or feelings on this then do get in touch via "". It is always good to hear from you.

Dug Robson
Chair - Notts RA.

Update on NSRA website received 04/06/20

The NSRA have updated their guidance on reopening ranges. This is now available at

Further information received 25/05/20

Deputy Chief Constable Dave Orford, the national lead on firearms licensing, has provided clarity on shooting in England under the current Covid-19 restrictions.

He said: "When considering outdoor shooting, police should view it in the same way they would for golf and fishing. My guidance to forces is clear; any facilities associated with outdoor sports and physical activities, including shooting ranges, can now reopen, if those responsible for them feel ready to do so and if they can do so safely, and in line with related public health guidance."

The NSRA have also put out guidance on reopening ranges, but indoor ranges must still stay closed.

Bluefin, the insurers for NSRA affiliated clubs, have informed the NSRA that there is no COVID-19 exclusion to the insurance; but have pointed out that all insurance is based on not putting anyone at risk.

From Our Chairman, 25th May 2020

Hi all, I hope you are all well.

The Government has changed its message to us all to now "stay alert". Many of us have gone back to work (and quite a few never left). The big question for many of us is can we get back to the range again.

I have spoken to the Firearms Licensing department. This morning (20/5/2020) David White had a virtual regional meeting with the surrounding forces and the stance of all forces at the minute is that they are neutral on the subject. They cannot say "yes we can open" and they cannot say "no we can't open". They do advise that the government guidelines should be referred to and we should ensure compliance. As such, I have informed the firearms team that I will advise our members that, as long as we follow the government guidelines on social distancing, and put common sense precautions in place, that we should be able to open outdoor ranges again. I have asked them to inform us if this stance changes. This will also be subject to individual range owners agreement.

The NRA are reopening some ranges at Bisley on 23rd May, subject to change at short notice. They have produced procedures and risk assessments for Bisley, but some clubs may find them useful to review for other ranges with a view to reopening. See

The MLAGB are opening Wedgenock on May 23rd. They have put up a detailed list of how to use their range. Again this might be useful to some clubs. See

The NSRA put up a post on 4th May to say "We are actively working, along with the British Shooting Sports Council (BSSC) and others, to try to ensure target shooting is included in this relaxation of the lockdown on sporting activities." They have not yet posted an update. See

There is no update from the UKPSA. They put out a statement in March postponing events but have not yet changed that statement. See

BASC say you can get back to deer stalking, pest control, conservation and seasonal work on game shoots. Great for those shooters but no use to target shooters. See

As we get more information we will update you.

Dug Robson

If anyone has any questions or feedback then please feel free to get in touch with me via "".